Career in Maritime Logistics

There are lots of career option in the world but when it comes to the maritime business people only thing about a person sailing on the ship for 6-8 months, but this is not the case the sailing on the ship is only the tip of an ice berg. The main things lie on the offshore the commercial part. The commercial part controls the shipping the sailor or the master just transport the cargo from one end to another or in other words they just handle the vessel. There are a lot of career options in maritime career but the most important one I thing is the logistics one.


For international trade purposes, the maritime transport industry is of utmost importance as most of the cargoes are shipped through the seaports, in fact around the world 90% of the world trade moves through shipping. One of the key areas of concern for this industry is the efficient logistics management especially of the containers so that the transportation becomes cost-effective and enhances the performance of the shipping companies.


The latest trend is the outsourcing of logistics to the logistics service providers (LSP) or third-party logistics (3PL) service companies who assist an organization in ensuring effective management of their logistics function. If there is no proper logistics then the goods which everyone is getting to there door will not happen.


One can be a freight forwarder, logistics manager, international logistics manager and so on. All these person helps the goods to deliver right to your door safely and cost efficiently.


The maritime industry is the only industry which will never come to an end because it is one of the cheapest ways to transport good from one country to another. And the industry is evolving day by day and the more the industry evolves the more logistics will be needed. So in my opinion the choosing the logistics career in maritime industry can be one of the best selection.


Commodity Trading

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