समत्वं योग उच्यते

let’s fan out the craze of yoga all over the world.

Yoga an ancient boon of India doesn’t only heal the gross form but also deals with subtler aspects of an individual being. Yoga the union of mind and body, self and the supreme self, aatma and Paramatma, or shiva and shakti is a channel to attain liberation. Life holds around 8.4 million species according to Vedas and the conditioned soul is perpetual through the different species in accord with his karmas under the surveillance of the supreme personality, to let go of this procedure, yoga prevails in India since time immemorial.


Ms. Anchal Mamgain







Ms. Anchal Mamgain is an acclaimed Yoga educator and an academic theorist. Over the 4 years of experience of teaching yoga in various sectors, A well trained faculty is here to make an auspicious time – ahead.