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Post-Graduate Courses

PGDM- Maritime Logistics & Port Management

With a rich blend of theoretical knowledge and practical skills, PGDM in Maritime Logistics & Port Management programme aims to provide candidates with well equipped careers in Ship Brokering, Chartering, Port Management, Ship Operations, and International Maritime Law. This stimulating and intellectual...

PGDM- Supply Chain & Logistics Management

The Post graduate diploma supply chain and logistics management, caters the knowledge of different skill sets like operation research and managerial activities. The degree provides specialization and in-depth hands-on practice in operation of products, management of design production and manufacturing of goods and services.

PGDM- International Trade & Maritime Law

The sea is vital to human existence – for commerce, navigation routes, and as a major source of natural resources. Legal expertise in the issues surrounding the law in these areas is always in demand. Our Advance PGDM International Trade & Maritime Law will give you an in-depth understanding of the law concern...

Diploma in Yoga & Physical Wellness

Yoga, an ancient boon of India, doesn’t only heal the gross form but also deals with subtler aspects of an individual being. Yoga, the union of mind and body, self and the supreme self, Aatma and Paramatma, or shiva and shakti is a channel to attain liberation. Life holds around 8.4 million species according to Vedas and the conditioned soul is perpetual through the different species in accord with his karmas under the surveillance of the supreme personality, to let go of this procedure, yoga prevails in India since time immemorial.

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International Maritime Business Academy (IMBA) was established to impart world-class education focusing on Commercial Shipping, Port & Logistics, International Trade & Entrepreneurship in India. In line with this objective, we offer Undergraduate, Postgraduate, & Specialized programs in collaboration with various universities in India & abroad.

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At IMBA, we prepare you to launch your career by providing a supportive, creative, and professional environment from which you learn practical skills and build a network of industry contacts.

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