Curriculum Highlights

Export & Import Management

To provide the students with an adequate knowledge on formalities for export & import trade, and the finance, documentation process required for import and export

Containerisation & Multimodal Transport

This subject is tailored to deliver theoretical and practical knowledge in handling methods, transportation modes and various conventions pertaining to carriage of cargo.

Port Agency and Liner Trade

The agent is like a control tower for a ship’s port call, coordinating local scheduling and logistics with the key players – the owner, Charter , shipper, Receiver, Terminal and of course, the ship 

Transport Economics and optimization

This module includes the understanding of the basics of the ship design, maritime terminology , various type of contracts and the liability of the ship owners.

Port Management

This module will include topics such as port and terminal management, port economics, Indian Port Development, Port Planning and Other such topics.

Port Economics

Economics of port operations interface the decisions made by port users and providers of port services